Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lessons Learnt

As I watched the news on TV3 last 2 nites on the Raja Noriana's family tragedy, I was so sad looking at her childrens faces, they were shocked and trauma of the sudden lost of their mom after being stabbed and murdered by the robbers at their home , Shah Alam.

Few lessons learnt from this tragedy, untuk pedoman dan panduan kita bersama:

  • There's no place as secured as home, and now the tragedy proved that nowadays, even if we are staying at home, we are not safe anymore
  • The robbers ( based on the news ) are Indonesian, they were really brave to do the crimes at our country without any fears
  • The media also reported that Raja Noriana's family is the only family that move in within the area. Maybe we also should consider if we ant to move to our new house, we need to make sure at least there are a few neighbors around our house are move in too.
  • The hostage negotiation skills for the police officers, seriously the police might need to do the After Action Review ( ala ala bedah siasat le) to improve the nego process, please!
  • Berbalik pada agama Islam, ada banyak amalan2 yang boleh kita amalkan untuk keselamatan diri, keluarga dan harta benda kita. Contoh yg selalu kita dengar ialah amalan membaca 3 Qul.

Moga2 arwah Raja Noriana dicucuri rahmat n semoga anak2 dan suaminya tabah menghadapi dugaan di bulan Ramadhan ini, Amiinn.

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