Thursday, August 21, 2008

3 Hectic Days...

I've been stranded for 3 days since last Monday at PJ with other colleagues inlcuding our D and DD for our dept's 2009 planning activities. This is where we plan for our next year's goals, key performance indicators and finally the budget.

Based on the budget that we plan on human capital investment, I would say Im very lucky working with orgn that cares for its human capital capibility and development. Though it was a very hectic and packed days, I must admit that this kind of activities is good for our dept development and growth. Based on the sharing session from other colleagues and our bosses, there are many new things that I've learnt.

I can still remember, the earlierst day when I joined this orgn. I was just finished my degree, and got this job opportunity. At that time, I was totally zero, not to say the knowledge ( theoretical part) but on the working experience. I was young , at the age of 23, I know nothing abt working environemt. All of the procedures, red tape, people, not to forget the "office politics " term.

There were many sweet and bad memories that I've been thru. Thanks to Allah, at my 6th years in this orgn, I managed to cope with the changes, ICT, people, processes n the rest.
Alhamdulillah...My confidence level has also increase..

Dalam pada aku sibuk2 2-3 hari ni, sempat jugak aku bergaduh2 ngan teman ku ini hehee..ungkapan yg sering diucapkan lately ialah "sokong membawa rebah" wah wahh..angin je seluruh badan aku bila dengar ni, rasa nak cekik je tau tak..hahhaa..just because we have different opinions on the political issues happening around us, that doesn't mean I do not give my full morale support to you, okay ARD939 ..keep on moving for your career, I know, being a leader , you were born with that talent, so keep on moving to cope with your daily works and responsibilities ya..

Sementara itu, teman ku nan seorang ni plak, aiyoo kak kiah, manyak kesian tau i sama u, sabar yek,kena tunda ya ko punya hal, takpa, mcm aku cakap , ko kena sabar and tabah, this is just the beginning, whatever it is aku akan tetap sokong ko okay..

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