Friday, November 28, 2008


Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah

Akhirnya, last weeked , aku disahkan hamil about 4-5 weeks.

Friday Night(21 Nov 2008) - 1st pregnancy test using Clear Blue..the result was positive
mengigil seluruh badan tapi masih tak puas hati , discussed with hubby and decided that we need to do the pregnancy test at clinic

Saturday ( 22 November 2008) -

8.30 a.m. arrived at Klinik Anis Sek 2 (Panel Klinik), done the urine test and Dr said there's a 2nd line appear shows, meaning that Im pregnant..tapi the 2nd line was not very clear so need to come again after a week and do the scanning

10 a.m. after breakfast, still unsatisfy whether it's true that Im pregnant or not, both my hubby and I went to see Dr Zamri at DEMC to get his consultation/ views. Dr Zamri staright away scan my tummy, and yes it is confirmed that Im pregnant..Alhamdulillah..and Dr required for me to come after Raya haji to determine usia kandungan and due date..

dlm keta , dlm perjalanan pulang..both of us terdiam..dan secara tiba2 I was cried, sayu, terharu, sayu sgt rasanya...inilah kebesaran Allah..after almost 6 years we have been waiting and to the extend that keghairahan aku to conceive menurun coz I was give up, Allah gives us this baby..

I was cried and cried, not because I sad but because Im too happy and never think that I will get this chance..this is a miracle and great gifts from Allah though I have done many things wrong

Alhamdulillah dan semoga Allah mepermudahkan segala urusan kami..pada kawan2 yg mendoakan, terima kasih tak terhingga..


Connie said...

U shouldnt give up.. kebesaran Tuhan really unpredictable.. It's a matter of time.. nmpknya yr turn dah fullfilled... :) should be thankful n do take good care of yrself....

Marhainis said...

alhamdulillah mas, kak anis tumpang seronok, lepas ni kena jaga kesihatan baik2, jgn stress sgt *don't worry, kak anis dah takda nak berdrama mcm haritu lagi dah hahaha*, tak sabar nak menunggu anak menakan lagi sorang nih!!

Connie said...

Nie sounds like coz me mulut masin minggu yg then true lah...