Saturday, November 1, 2008

Beautiful Saturday

  • Settle all the chores by 9 a.m., woke hubby up, get ready and by 10 a.m. we are ready for our date today .

  • 1st thing - Bought McD's burgers at KD, then straight away to Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara. Plan to watch any interesting movie by 11 a.m. Im more interesting to watch the lite2 one, as usual hubby will go for citer2 seram or action movie..well he's the boss we watched "The Coffin" a Thai's horror movie.

The Coffin's Synopsis

  • It is inspired by a controversial but real Thai ritual where thousands of people turn up at a temple north-east of Thailand to lie in coffins because they believe this rids them of bad luck and prolong life.

  • Chris (hensem sungguh mamat ni, nama apa lupa lak aku nak tanya), goes through the ritual to save his dying fiancee, Mariko. Sue, a nutritionist from Hong Kong visits Thailand and does the same to save herself from cancer, one week before her wedding.

  • After that, both of them experience what appear to be miracles. To Chris' delight, Mariko awakes from her coma.. Sue not only survives a car accident,, but also finds out that her cancer is gone.

  • However, strange and frightening things start to happen. Chris and Mariko are haunted by a woman in white, and her baby. Sue's fiancee, Jack dies suddenly in a car accident but spirit still lingers around her.

  • With the help of a professor specialising in paranormal cases related to the ritual, they set out to exorcise the ghosts haunting them and reverse the wheel of Karma.

My 2 cents review on d movie

  • Aku suka tengok scene yg cantik dia awal2 citer tu when the hundreds / thusands of coffins area arranged in a circle around the gigantic buddha before the ritual..seram and yet it was a beautiful scenery

  • Citer ni memang agak seram gak..and there is a time where u dah lie down tapi tetiba fuhhh nak gugur jantung den ..

  • Pengajaran yg paling bermakna ialah, hidup di dunia ni memang Tuhan dah tentukan peraturannya dan kita sbg manusia harus terima dan jangan cuba2 nak mengubah ketentuan dan aturan Si's about the tale of living and dying

  • Out of 5, I give 3 and half stars for this movie..tak rasa rugi la pi terpacak pepagi buta kat the Curve tu..nak kata bestt sgt marvellous tu tak la
After watched d movie, we went for a lunch at Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant, TTDI..sedap gak..
Then, aku blm rasa nak balik lagi..hubby tanya nak pi mana ni..aku dlm hati berdoa..tak mo balik rmh lagi hehe..tetiba dia kata nak kena pi KL jap phuhh..take the opportunity to umpan him with abang, kat medan mara tu kan ada reflexeology yg org2 buta tu..kata lenguh2 kaki dah terlanjur ke KL jom ah pi situ ..dia terus agreed..

psstt yg benarnya aku nak pi buat facial kat medan mara tu..aku dah usha baik punya yesterday masa temankan si amoi tempah baju kebaya merahnya mak ngah dia tu..lessons learnt, in any negotiations, always go for a win-win situation for both parties ended up by hubby went for his reflexeology and myself yummy yummy for a shiokkk facial treatment..yezza..ya it's a beautiful saturday with hubby ..before hb OS for another 3-4 days uwaaaa..bila pk pk balik,so sapa yg terrer negotiation skills ni me or my hubby wakaka..

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Unrestmind said...

hye datin...merayap je la kojenye...seram x citer tu???