Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Johol at GMaps

I was searching on d net, a map from my office to SB yesterday morn. Need 2 go there for an appointment. A bit worried since Im not familiar with SB area, kang silap2 ada yg masuk tol SB terus balik Somban, tak ke haru :):):)

Initially, a bit frustrated as when I enter the keyword for that area map, the result is just so-so.
Then, start to ask my colleague AA, how can i get a better result, i need sth like "a map guide for dummies" book series hehe..I told him I've done the keyword search advanced search and also tried to use Wikimapia, still couldnt get what I want

AA strait away go to Google Maps, key in the keyword..pop! there it goes, finally I get what I need. simple and easy to understand. Things I like most about the Google Maps - we can getthe directions under "Get Directions" fucntion- Just from where (A) to where(B) .This function will tell you step by step how to get there from point A-B..sesuai sangat untuk aku yg kabur jalan ni hehe.

Then, got excited, try to search from my home Shah Alam to... taraaa the place that I love most, place that can cure my pain and sadness, Johol city, yes Johol is my hometown. This is the place for me to escape from chaos in my life..dunno why maybe mcm pepatah org tua2, tempat jatuh lagikan dikenang..

Didnt realize I was so excited when I found Johol in the G Map and start say it loudly, haa my kampung ada kat the net..till one of the kakak at my office came kak JO and asked me kat mana tu mas yg ur kampung appear , hehe..kecoh je kan aku ni

Tambah best lagi bila si AA edited the map and add in Kampung Tumang Johol in the map and make it searchable, waduss bestnyaa..tak caya cuba la search kampung Tumang in the Gmaps, erkk kampung u all ada ke dalam Gmaps ni hehe..

I remebered there's one song on Kampungku last time it was played on the radio and TV . antara bait- bait lirik lagu itu:

Kampungku Sudah Berjaya, Ada Jentera, Ada Kereta Proton Saga, Sawah Padi Menguning ..lalala ( during that time the benchmark for a successful Kampung is when the villagers are able to have Proton Saga yek hehe)

Ended up with no need to go to SB , the appointment was in TT..settle.

Truly Kampung Girl,



Connie said...

Jelesnya I... i pun nak search if got my kampung KL kat Gmap.. ahhahaha.... apa tu SB and TT??...

Unrestmind said...

helo mas..mas shakira no more...hehe
kt wikimapia map pn ade....

Mas said...

Connie - Psstt- That was a secret code like a Da Vincci Code :):):)

Hisham a.k.a Cikgu Hashim - Kita dah go thru la kat Wikimapia tu, tapi tak user friendly for me..